Me Love You Long Time.

It’s been a few days now, the reason for this is, as almost always, work. Screw that.

In today’s entry I want to write about stupid people. Or it’s rather that I feel I have to write about stupid people. People like Carlos, Jack and Zubair, Adam, James, Taz and the myriad of Anonymous Cowards who have been commenting on this entry.

People, get a fucking grip! Sure, the girl is good looking, but she’s not reading what you write. She’s a model – I grabbed the picture from Cali es Cali – and she doesn’t even know the picture is posted here. She’s not going to send you and e-mail with more pictures, and she certainly won’t e-mail you to get laid – even if you call yourself Studman. Also, an opening phrase like

i will bang u so hard u won’t pee right for a week!

most likely won’t get a girl to bed. But if you’re desperate enough to leave your e-mail address here with the hope that a total stranger will actually contact you, I guess discretion is not your strong side anyway. Either that, or you’re twelve.

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  1. Most of these entries are so stupid its a bit funny. I mean, some of them seem to assume that this girl actually is “Vegard”. I guess actually READING the post above it was quite the mental challenge for these guys.

    Oh, and Klas: If it wasn’t for the excessive misspelling, I could suspect you to have written the “luva man” comment :-D

  2. It could be Vegard. If you want to.

    That was just dirty, dirty.

    Didn’t check the IP addresses, but if this was you, Klas, you have way too much time to spare.