It’s been a few days now, the reason for this is, as almost always, work. Screw that.

In today’s entry I want to write about stupid people. Or it’s rather that I feel I have to write about stupid people. People like Carlos, Jack and Zubair, Adam, James, Taz and the myriad of Anonymous Cowards who have been commenting on this entry.

People, get a fucking grip! Sure, the girl is good looking, but she’s not reading what you write. She’s a model - I grabbed the picture from Cali es Cali - and she doesn’t even know the picture is posted here. She’s not going to send you and e-mail with more pictures, and she certainly won’t e-mail you to get laid - even if you call yourself Studman. Also, an opening phrase like

i will bang u so hard u won’t pee right for a week!

most likely won’t get a girl to bed. But if you’re desperate enough to leave your e-mail address here with the hope that a total stranger will actually contact you, I guess discretion is not your strong side anyway. Either that, or you’re twelve.