Me, Myself and my IDE

Yesterday I told you what today’s entry was going to be about. NetBeans. And how much I hate it. For over four weeks now, I’ve been struggling with the program, trying to persuade it to do things my way. I’ve been gentle. I’ve yelled at it. Nothing have helped to any noticeable degree. So, why am I using it? As a part of getting my Master’s Degree, I have to do a huge project, and as my project I’m making a module for NetBeans. I don’t want to tell you more than that, because it’s a rather nifty idea, which you might just steal. Like my Brilliant Contingency PlanTM - another thing I’m not going to tell you about. Because I don’t trust you. Yeah, you!

But today, I finally managed to get NetBeans to do a couple of things the way I wanted it to be done. The code is not very pretty, but it’s working, so at this stage I really don’t care. So, right now I don’t loathe NetBeans as much as I did yesterday. I’ll even work a little tomorrow to make up for lost time, since I was out sick most of last week.

I finally found time to add Kristoffer to the cast. And I’ll try to add even more faces, three to be exact, some time in the near future. “How intriguing”, you might say. “Have you met any new and interesting people?” Well, to be honest, no - people I meet and find new and interesting usually decide to break all contact with me even before they get to know me properly - but I decided that it might be time to a few of the regulars to the cast of stars and extras.

And the guestbook is still working, you know. Yes, this is a ’nudge-nudge'.


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