Me, the Hazard Player

Once again I set out to win millions of dollars.

We’re only days away from the UEFA Euro 2016 championship in France, and unless the country is washed away, paralyzed by strikes, or once again attacked by terrorists some time next week, the host nation will meet Romania in the first Euro 2016 match this coming Friday, June 10. Then it’s a full month of proper football-o-rama before the champions are finally crowned on July 10.

Me, I don’t care much for football, but whenever there is a major championship being played - either the World Cup or the Euro cup - I blow the dust of my old bet365 account, and resuscitate the hazard player in me. Given that this only happens every 2nd year, the little sucker never remembers how bad it felt to lose all his bets two years ago, which means he’ll gladly deposit and waste another $50 of my hard earned money this year as well. bet365 won’t be at the receiving end of those fifty bucks in 2016, though. They still rely on Adobe Flash to run their site, and since I uninstalled Flash a long time ago - and generally laugh at sites that still use Flash for anything at all - I’ll have to look for another betting site.

In addition to being Flash-free, it also has to support HTTPS. We are, after all, talking about a site that handles financial transactions, and if your betting site doesn’t support HTTPS, you’re a dumbass and both you and your site should be banned from the internet. My new favorite money-waster also has to work well on mobile and have a user interface that doesn’t confuse me so much I place wrong bets or get a permanent headache.

Thankfully, there isn’t a lack of sites on the internet that wants my money. No big surprise there, really. After about 30 minutes of poking around, I settled on Unibet. They support HTTPS, has an Android app that doesn’t suck too bad, and there’s no Flash anywhere. The Unibet site does, however, load JavaScript from a gazillion different sources, but that seems to be what most gambling sites do.

I plan to register all my bets on, which means you can follow my (hopefully slow) adventure towards bankruptcy via my profile.


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