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Yesterday I did something I really didn’t think I would ever do: I sold my soul to a fitness center. It’s getting colder outside, with patches of slippery ice everywhere. It makes running outside somewhat hazardous and to be on the semi-safe side one should run with a helmet. Not only will it look stupid, but it would probably be very unpleasant as well.

So, by getting a membership at a fitness center I get to run inside on a treadmill. It’s not cold, not slippery, but ridiculously expensive and I had to sign up on a twelve month plan. That can be a good thing since it means I have to use my membership for something even when it gets warmer again and I’m starting to run outside. In their defense, they did have a plan where you could pay for a single month at a time, but they had priced it so high it just didn’t make any sense.

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  1. A helmet won’t protect your limbs and bones from shattering to pieces anyhoo, so you probably made the right choice. Happy training!

    Speaking of fitness centers and payment, they are just rediculous. Way too high and way too inflexible. They confidently and assuredly know that at least 95% of their users would benefit hugely from having a punch card system, but they still don’t offer it. That forces people to be support members 90% of the time or at least in large periods when it’s impossible to get your ass to the center for whatever reasons.

    It really feels like you’re selling your soul, because it’s so expensive, so inflexible and so consuming. Sign up for 12 months or we’ll charge the white out of your eyes and have your liver too. Should be some kind of law against such business behaviour; we hav legislations against vendor lock-in on phones, why can’t we have the same for our god damn bodies?

  2. Well, I agree about the crazy prices at fitness centers, but at least for me a year membership was definitly worth it. I’ve never been this good at training regulary all of my life. It’s good because it’s really convenient when you want to work out, and if you don’t you feel like your wasting money, so you’ll try to get your money’s worth. So good luck with the membership, V!

  3. As long as people keep signing up for 12 month plans, the won’t introduce a punch card system. Interesting to see a comment longer than the original entry, by the way.

  4. SATS used to have a punch card system. Don’t know why they stopped it, but that forced me into becoming a 12 month support member, working out maximum twice during that period. After that I did the only economically sensible thing to do; I unsubscribed. Had they continued offering a punch card system, I would probably have continued training, but since they were basically just ripping me off, I didn’t feel that they deserved my money. NOK 3000,- for 1 hour work out just isn’t worth it.

    Thanks for the compliment(?) on the long comment, btw. ;-)