Yesterday I did something I really didn’t think I would ever do: I sold my soul to a fitness center. It’s getting colder outside, with patches of slippery ice everywhere. It makes running outside somewhat hazardous and to be on the semi-safe side one should run with a helmet. Not only will it look stupid, but it would probably be very unpleasant as well.

So, by getting a membership at a fitness center I get to run inside on a treadmill. It’s not cold, not slippery, but ridiculously expensive and I had to sign up on a twelve month plan. That can be a good thing since it means I have to use my membership for something even when it gets warmer again and I’m starting to run outside. In their defense, they did have a plan where you could pay for a single month at a time, but they had priced it so high it just didn’t make any sense.