Yep, it’s about time for a new round of i-want-to! Some duplicates from the last session might occur, I don’t give a fuck, so why should you? Besides, last time I called it “It’s tempting…”, which is not the same thing - just ask your mom.

…live in a penthouse apartment with a bloody good view in some huge city. …live in complete harmony with everything and everyone. Did I hear “pot”? …redesign this site (again) with a new and funky design that lure thousands of visitors to it. …and the design is of course nothing but CSS and XHTML. And a few images where such things fit. …stop having this need to express myself through lists, because it’s so passé. …write the best book ever written, play the best music ever played and make the best movie ever made. …and make a lot of money in the process. …be the fly on the wall for a day or two in the office of a certain American president. Just for laughs. …solve the world’s energy crisis. And maybe find the cure for cancer while I’m at it. …have a secure job ready for me when I’ve got my masters degree. …maybe start to concentrate on the degree before I start thinking of a job. …travel for a year. …learn a few languages. Spanish, French and Portuguese would be nice. Maybe Russian and Japanese, too. …die the instant I show clear signs of senile dementia. Being a kid once is quite enough. …fall asleep as soon as I go to bed. These days I usually stay awake for an hour or three. …do a few things I probably shouldn’t write here.

What do you want? (Hey, look at that, comments are turned on for this post.)