Finally, one month of running. 16 runs. And the IPod Nano and the Nike Plus kit is mine! All mine! Or at least I placed an order tonight.

During the last month, I’ve learned a couple of things:

  • Music does indeed help on my motivation.
  • Running with a cellphone can seriously mess up the heart rate registered by the Polar CS300, and probably also other Polar heart rate monitors. When I have support duty, I’m having a cell phone with me and I’m running short laps around the neighborhood. On the same place on every lap, the Polar goes completely haywire and records a max pulse of around 225-227 beats per minute. My best guess is that the cellphone jumps from one base station to another and that interferes with the signals from the chest belt.
  • The chest transmitter belt has to be really tight to work properly. On two of my runs, the belt was not tight enough and the heart rate was not monitored. I first thought it was the battery and replaced it, but it turned out I just had to tighten the belt.
  • I really hate that you walk your dog without a leash. Did you know that it’s required by law that your four legged friend is leashed? You probably do, but you still don’t give a fuck, do you?. Sure, you want your dog to be able to roam free, but I can do without him humping my leg while I’m trying to get past you. Even more interesting is the fact that when it’s dark, I have no idea if Fido is going for my throat or if he is just looking for new friends. I really fucking hate that you walk your dog without a leash.

Now I’m wondering if the Nike Plus kit and the Polar heart rate monitor will interfere with each other. Time will tell.

In other new, it was announced today that EVE Online will be made available for OS X later this year. Yay!


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