So, I finally got all the parts for my Mini-ITX system today. Yay! It took me about half an hour to install all the hardware and get the system ready to start for the first time. Then I stumbled across the first problem. I had two 512 MB modules in the box, giving me a total of 1 GB of RAM (go RAM-drives). Unfortunately, the EPIA board only detected half of the RAM on each module, with a total of 512 MB. And that sucks. I upgraded the BIOS, which was supposed to help, but no luck. Now I’m hoping that the bright minds over at might be able to help me out, so I don’t have to send the all the RAM back to Sweden. And the box also makes a little bit more noise than I was hoping it would. But I can probably learn to live with that.

I also had a couple of other interesting (?) things to tell today, but I have to go downtown to drink some beer with Terje.