From the Oslo underground scene comes Minor Majority. Reverend Lovejoy’s Pål Angelskår teams up with Andreas Berczelly and friends. And that sort of turns out to be a good thing - acoustic poprock and mild flirts with distortion and electronica.

The first time you listen to this record it rocks. Not literally, of course, the acoustic guitar really can’t rock that hard. But the record really hits you. Then, when you have listened to it 10 times and know most of the somewhat simple lyrics, you kind of grow tired of it.

The album is only 28 minutes long, and that’s bad. Also, some of the songs fade out at rather strange places. Either the CD version of the album (an LP version also exists) is meant to be a preview of the full album, or Angelskår was just unable to come up with more lyrics for the song. No matter the reason, I feel kind of cheated.

Most of the album works best if you have your better half there with you. Great as background music for those petting sessions. Or at least that’s what someone I know who has tried told me.