Miscellaneous Artists: Chill Out Cafe Volume Quattro.
I don’t like to say this, but some of the tunes on this album sound like they have come to the wrong cafe, if you know what I mean. You simply can’t chill out to them. They are annoying, and chilly tunes are not supposed to be annoying. It’s like ice bergs in freakin' Sahara - it’s just not natural. I tried to get some sleep while listening to the album but I woke up several times when the volume suddenly was turned up a little. Annoying. But I’m not going to throw away this album just yet. Some of the songs on this so called ‘chill out’ album are good. They might not make you feel completely chilled out, but they are great as background music when you work. If you are looking for a real sweet album with relaxing chill out tunes, I recommend that you listen to a few other albums of the genre before you listen to this one. You might just find a better one.