Mixed Memories

All right, I guess it’s time for a short update.

First of all, I’m not dead. A good start. And the two plugs pulled not long ago are slowly turning into distant memories, partly because I think I’m getting a very healthy “fuck it”-attitude to the opposite sex, and partly because I’m non-dating a very interesting girl these days. So maybe I’m not getting that healthy attitude after all. Haha… The non-date thing is per her definiton, suits me fine, actually, she is really cool, but I doubt that we’ll ever move beyond where we are now. She might turn into a good friend who’s very different from my other friends. I certainly hope so.

I’m not working as much as I used to, not because there is less to do, but because I had to prioritize not working myself to death.

That’s about it, I’ll be back in another two weeks with more.


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