Mobile Media Company Acquires Rubberduck Media Lab

The Mobile Media Company - The Personal Broadcaster ( - one of the leading, independent providers of global wireless interactive entertainment services and marketing applications, today announced the acquisition Rubberduck Media Lab Limited. The move strengthens Mobile Media’s presence in the TV to mobile arena and will present broadcasters and content providers with a fully-featured platform, to provide the best possible streaming television experience to mobile device users across the globe.

As A Mobile Media Company, Rubberduck will form a key building block in the company’s global launch programme for mobile TV channels. Rubberduck’s pioneering experiences will prove to be highly valuable as services are extended across new markets. Its work with Norwegian broadcaster NRK to create Europe’s first live television service to wireless subscribers, to the delivery of streamed motion picture content for Twentieth Century FOX in the US, including recent trailers for Mr & Mrs Smith and The Fantastic Four, are just the beginning. Rubberduck’s operator-agnostic service will give mobile phone owners around the world the choice to watch their favourite programmes and other video content in a manner that matches their lifestyle.

“The Mobile Media Company is committed to the future of mobile as the 4th screen for information and entertainment,” commented Karsten Hauge, CEO of The Mobile Media Company AS. “Mobile devices will be as important as a source of information and entertainment as the television set currently is, and our acquisition of Rubberduck reiterates our commitment to the future of mobile entertainment, and our own evolution as The Personal Broadcaster.”

Remaining as Director at UK headquartered Rubberduck Media Lab, Gavin Whyte noted; “Our market and technical experience has made Rubberduck a frontrunner when it comes to developing mobile TV projects for major broadcasters and content providers. The strength of the combined companies enables us to fulfil our belief in the future of mobile television, reaching a global audience on the move, anywhere and at any time.”

Rubberduck enables broadcasters and content owners to launch, manage and control their own B2C mobile video portals offering live TV, streamed video and downloadable on-demand clips. Rubberduck’s solution utilises software already pre-installed in most 2.5 and 3G phones, therefore reaching the maximum number of mobile users.

“The world is finally waking up to the tremendous possibilities of an interactive television that you can carry in your pocket,” said Steinar Svalesen, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Mobile Media North America. “Branded downloadable content and streaming video services for the wireless mass market are now a reality. With the acquisition of Rubberduck Media Lab, Mobile Media expects to see further significant growth across all geographies this year, especially in North America.”


About Mobile Media

The Mobile Media Company is the leading producer and global distributor of branded, made-for-mobile entertainment, interactive TV formats and mobile marketing concepts. The Company currently engages with an audience of over 500 million mobile throughout Europe, North America, South America and Asia Pacific, working in partnership with mobile network and portal operations, media companies and brand managers and agencies. Mobile Media is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with offices and technology development centres in UK, Romania, Hong Kong, China and the US.

For more information, please visit: or send an e-mail to

About Rubberduck Media Lab

Rubberduck Media Lab, A Mobile Media Company, is a technology company specializing in developing and integrating state-of-the-art solutions for clients who wish to enable content and services to be delivered over mobile networks. The company was started by key members of the mobile division of the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK).

The company has delivered live television programming and on-demand multi-media content to mobile devices since early 2004. Rubberduck have relationships with major broadcasting networks in Scandinavia, UK and the USA, network operators in Europe and the USA, and leading content providers worldwide. Rubberduck was the only streaming partner for the Telenor (Norway) 3G launch in November 2004. Rubberduck Media Lab currently has relationships with Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK), BBC, Sprint, Twentieth Century FOX, Telenor, MTV, Tele2, Nokia, TV2, and NetCom amongst others.

Rubberduck Media Lab is a market leader in the delivery and advancement of technology solutions to network operators and broadcasters, as well as a provider of service provision solutions to content providers and broadcasters.

The company’s management is experienced in mobile and television technologies, with a strong track record in mobile content brands and the streaming of high quality live TV over GPRS and 3G networks. The management team has been heavily involved in the recent floatation of a leading mobile content provider on Alternative Investment Market (U.K.).


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