Finally I’ve got my own computer at home and a computer for work at work. It’s good shit. The only problem is that I’d like to use the same copy of my fabulous Instant Messaging software, Miranda both at work and at home. But wait, that’s not a problem, because Miranda runs perfectly well from a USB stick! I love that program.

Unfortunately, my old Dell only has one USB connection - I’m wondering what kind of strange thinking led to that decision. Anyway, problems are made to be solved, today I bought a USB hub, problem solved. Now Miranda is running happily off the USB stick, which also makes me happy. It doesn’t take much.

And for those of you who wondered, I’m not at AVN, even though I wouldn’t mind being there. Unfortunately, it’s over now anyway. I know a couple of guys who went there, they can probably provide you with some juicy details if you want to.

And you know you want to.