Mobog Test.

If you can see this, it worked, I’m able to post entries directly from my Nokia 6230. I can even add pictures I’ve taken with the phone, and use Markdown syntax, like this test link back to self.

Cool, dude! Picture taken during a night in Lillestrøm a few months back.

Picture taken with a Nokia 6230

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  1. No, the 6230 browser supports most XHTML tags, so I simply made a light-weight page with a webform. Suprisingly enough, the browser supports the file attribute on the input tag, and I’m able to browse the content of the phones internal memory and MMC card and add files.

    In many ways, the 6230 is one of Nokia’s best ideas ever.

  2. Ah, okay. I know Nokia is working on adding an Atom client to their future phones. If your server was Atom compliant, you could post directly from a native Symbian application on future Nokia phones.

    But I guess you’ll add Atom protocol support to your weblog when these phones arrive. Right? ;-)