What’s up? Not much, I guess.

Easter is here, I’m still fucking busy – getting a little tired of it, have to admit that. The camera phone thingy I promised you two weeks ago is now finally online. Use the link in the navigation to get there. Right now there is nothing there, but I’ll upload something as soon as something interesting happens. Hopefully before next Tuesday. It’s inspired by Mobog – I decided to call mine "Mobog", too – and powered by a somewhat modified version of Simsi. It’ll probably not feature as much pr0n as the original Mobog, but I plan to make a public account and get Klas a cam phone, something that’ll probably increase the number of XXX-rated pictures. There is no comment feature yet, I’ll try to have one up some day, and probably make everything a part of the text blog.

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  1. Greetings from Somerset, in the United Kingdom. (If you got questions, see what’s on offer at my site in the way of answers.)

    I’d just like to say that Mobog came this close to making me say to Vegard, “you know, I really admire what you did there.” That is a seriously cool feature; I know I’d love to be able to do that while I’m on my travels. But I don’t have a camera phone (well, the attachment for the T68i was never purchased), and I suspect it would cost too much for me anyway. Nonetheless, this has got to be the way of the future for blogging.


  2. Klas: I would say that the chance of getting pictures like that is considerably higher if you factor in your recently accuired girlfriend..
    No wait, that was rather rude and insensetive of me.. Klas’-new-girlfriend: I’m sorry, didn’t mean to imply that you look like a drowned sheep after 8 hours in the sun..

    Vegard… Pav says “hi” .. or rather he’s standing behind me waving like a madman.. but I guess he’s trying to say hi.. :)

  3. .beldin about Klas: Having known the man for a few years now, I second that.

    .beldin and Pav: Have you ever considered the fact that he might be a madman? Say hi from me.