Money for me!

Bah. Playing another basketball match today. I’m not as nervous as the last time, but maybe I should be. Today’s team is considerably better than the team we’ve played the last two matches. But then again, I think our team is better than the last two matches, too. The match is at 18:30 at Gløshaugen, Trondheim, Norway. If you’re nearby, come have a look.

I was contacted yesterday by some guy looking for someone else with the same name. He’d browsed my site before he contacted me and noticed that I did design work for very little money (sucki, sucki, 10 dollars). Anyways, even if I wasn’t the one he was looking for, I told me I could do the design of a LAN party site he was working on - and even get $50 for the job. Well, I needed the money, so I slapped together a design for him. It’s not up yet, but keep checking mulitLAN for updates.

Some old buddy of mine from my days in Grimstad has started crunching SETI@home working units. And joined the same bloody team as me, just to flex processing muscles. He is not a real threat yet since he only has a few WU, but he is crunching about the same amount as me each day. Actually, he will overtake all the other team members except me and one other guy if he keeps it up. So, hear this Tor-Erik Klausen: If you start gaining on me, I will build my cluster, money or no money. Consider yourself warned!

Stuart Carlson is way too productive: Stuart Carlson


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