Over the years, I’ve been trying to add review sections to various sites. At least one attempt has been made to www.vegard.net - that’s this site for the less attentive of you - with Consumer versions one and two.

To be honest, it didn’t work out very well because having a high quality dedicated review section requires a lot of effort. As you know, I tend to be a little off an on with the site updates.

The problem is, however, that I have this urge to tell the world what I think about movies, books, games, gadgets and other material things, whether they (you) like it or not. So now I’ve decided to make the reviews an integrated part of the…eh…blog.

Please excuse me while I shiver violently.

Anyway, reviews might start to pop up any minute now. I’m also thinking about merging the Moblog with the entries, because does it really need its own section? I think not.

In other news, the tenant-owner’s association - and after a while the real estate agent - contacted me today to let me know that no one in the association had exercised their right to buy the apartment from the seller at my bid. This means that there I’m only a few signatures away from becoming a home owner for real.