More moods – and The Settlers arrived

Good evening, citizens of Earth. Take me to your leader!

Today I spent 7 hours at the university with my head in a book or some notes almost all the fucking time! Being three guys working together, it was a little easier to keep the spirits high, and the plan is to do the same thing tomorrow. If we stay in the same nice pattern, I might not flunk on my last exam! Wohoo! Things are looking a tad brighter than yesterday, I’ll tell ya that.

My copy of The Settlers IV arrived in the mail today. Because I had to do other things, I didn’t have the time to play it more than 45 minutes or something. And it wasn’t as cool as I had hoped either! Maybe I’ve got way too much on my mind to find any fun in a trivial thing like computer games. The game was the only thing for me in the mailbox today.

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Pretty damn sick, eh? I usually get like this when I’m reading for my end term exams - way too creative. I think I made the current design of this site the last time I was supposed to read for my end term exams. And I usually swear a whole fucking lot when I write stuff! Sorry about that…


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