Morten Abel: Here We Go Then, You And I

Morten Abel: Here We Go Then, You And I.
This album rocks. It is without doubt the best album produced in Norway in a long time. Morten Abel delivers a sweet mix of popular pop/rock with a tiny touch of ethnic and exotic inspiration (song no. 4, “Be my lover”). Abel used to be the front man in a band called The September When, but when the rest of the band members decided to quit playing, he went solo. You can still hear a bit of the The September When sound on this album, which is not a big surprise since Abel did most of the lyrics and melodies when he was with that band. The reason I don’t give this album a 6 on the score is song no. 3, which sucks. I have listened to it several times and I just can’t learn to like it. But you should buy this album anyway, because the 9 remaining tracks are great. The last track actually contains two songs, one of them being a kick-butt drum’n’bass remix of “Tulpiz”.


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