Movember, Day 15

Movember, Day 15.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is as good as it gets. I’ve used a selection of Vignette filters on the photo, so the actual mo is a bit darker than it might seem, but it’s still far from a manly-man-mo. It’s getting cold outside and without the usual facial hair, I need extra clothing to keep warm - hence the beanie.

Since we last spoke the BEKK team has collected well over NOK 5000 (USD ~870), but in the last week, the stream of incoming funds has shriveled up - both to the team and to me. If we look at the bigger picture, however, big things are happening. Looking at the world as a whole, over 45 million USD has been collected so far. There are currently 15 460 registered Norwegian mustaches. That might not sound like much compared to, say, Canada, with a massive 230 145 registered mustaches. But the Norwegian number means that 0.34% of the male population of Norway has registered. Not bad. Not bad at all. Still, we’re only half way through Movember, which means that it’s still not too late to register.

Please consider donating to team BEKK, or perhaps even my own mo here.


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