One of the new things in the latest design is a post count for each year in the archives. You can see it if you scroll all the way down to the footer. I was a little surprised to see the massive decrease in the number of posts from 2007 to 2008, the count changed from 204 to 77 respectively. The trend continued in 2009 with only 88 entries. There are of course a lot of reasons for this. In previous years, a great deal of my posts were spiced up with a lot of personal stuff. 2008 was a year with all kinds of things happening in my life, but I wanted to share very little of it. And I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t have wanted to read most of it either, so no loss there.

In 2009 there was also a great deal of things happening in my life, but it was different in the way that I didn’t mind writing about it, but for many a reason, I couldn’t. Now, in 2010, however, things are yet again different. Still, I will keep the personal filter on to some degree, and I doubt that you will ever get to hear the really juicy stuff. But you’ll live. And you’ve already had a couple of teasers in terms of what you might expect.

Today has been a great day. I got up early, had a quick breakfast, took the bus to work and had a great workout at the company gym. We’ve been seeing some very nice weather in Oslo today as well. No, it’s not been hot and sunny, the temperature has dropped below -10 C (14 F) and it’s been windy with heavy snow. Personally, I think that exactly what it should be like in February. I enjoyed the weather so much that I decided to walk home from the gym; about 6 kilometers (3.7 miles). At some point I ate a very nice fast food lunch that I brought with me in the blizzard.

When I got home I sat down on the sofa and watched a few episodes of South Park and a couple of games of curling from the 2010 Olympics. For some reason I find sports that should be boring as hell very interesting. Don’t I sound like a lot of fun!?

Right now I’m still at home, hoping that Anniken will soon pop up on MSN. And as I wrote this, she did. What’s the odds of that happening?


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