This week has been another one of those weeks that I’ve spent most of my time at work. It’s certainly not something I’d like to recommend, but you already knew that.

So how, you might wonder, was I able to post new entries almost every evening for the whole week, except for yesterday? That’s because I’m extremely effective. I actually wrote the entries posted on Monday and Wednesday last Sunday and I’ve even got a spare entry laying around for another busy day.

You gotta love me for my effort.

Tonight I’m seeing Miami Vice. We’ll be twelve people going to the movies, and I’m organizing the whole shebang.

You gotta love me for my effort.

I’m looking forward to the movie. One of the reasons is that it’s Miami Vice. The name brings back memories of the hours I spent in front of the idiot box all those years ago, watching Don Johnson and Phillip Thomas in the original TV series. I have to admit I don’t remember much of it, but it must have had some kind of effect on me since the main reason why the movie caught my attention was the title.

Trivia: Did you know that Philip Thomas is doing the voice work for the character Lance Vance in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City? Neither did I until I read it at IMDB. What a great source of absolutely useless information.

Two other reasons why I’m looking forward to Miami Vice are Jamie Foxx - if I’m not mistaken a comedian turned successful actor and producer - and Michael Mann (Heat, Collateral, The Insider).

Trivia: Did you know that Michael Mann was also involved in the original Miami Vice TV series as a writer and a producer. It’s just incredible what you can learn with a few random clicks on the internet.