Yeah, I’m moving. But not from the shared apartment I live in now, the company I’m working for is moving. Or we have moved already, actually. Ever since we were acquired, it’s been on the road map that we should move to the mother company’s offices, and now it has finally happened. We’ve moved from hip, nice, bright, spacious and air conditioned offices on Grünerløkka to hot and badly ventilated offices down in Vika.

But I’m loving it! Mainly for two reasons:

  1. I’ve (almost) got my own office – I have to share it with another developer, but there is no one talking in the phone all the time or having a meeting in the same room.
  2. There are people there! Don’t get me wrong, the people I work with are great, but it seldom hurts to see a new face every now and then.

I’ve decided to not go for WordPress after all. It’s would probably have been a great piece of software to use if I were building this site from scratch, but I’m not. My own CMS is good enough, and I think I’ve been able to solve the time zone riddle, so it’s all good.

Now I’m going to find a screwdriver and try to remove all the dust from my trusty old Dell laptop.

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  1. how are you supposed to remove dust from a laptop with a screwdriver? I thought that liquid were bad news for computers. you should drink them, and not use them on computers.

    ’nuff said!

  2. Speaking of laptops – This is my first comment on (in fact my first comment anywhere) sent from my new PowerBook :) Its sweeeeet… (say it in a Cartman-voice).

    About the screwdriver (vodka and orange juice, for those who didn’t know) and cleaning computers: Vodka is based on ethanol, which is used to sterilize things, to avoid germs and, aha, viruses. Norton go home.
    Orange juice contains vitamin C, which is almost as good as C++.

    So I think Vegard has a good scheme for his dustbustin’ mission.