Mr. Sandman, you’re not my friend

If being tired was a sport, I would have been the undisputed champion. Of some reason, I’m dead tired today, and were only able to spend about six hours or so down at the university. But I did what I had planned to do, so I would still call this day another successful day of being a good boy.

Or maybe I’m not such a good boy after all. Today, for the second time, I managed to piss someone off because of things I’ve written on this site. Or at least it’s the second time I know that I’ve annoyed someone. The first person to get upset about something I’d written was Suong, a girl I went to high school with. I can’t remember exactly what I had written, but she didn’t like it. Today I had a little chat with Tor Olav’s x-girlfriend. I added him to the cast yesterday, and she read what I had written about him. Or her. She didn’t like it very much. If you read through the piece about Tor Olav, you’ll notice that I write that his ex dumped him when she moved to Norway. Technically, that’s not entirely correct. When she moved to Norway, they had already broken up, but they got back together again after a while. And then she dumped him for another guy. Confused? Well, so am I. I don’t think it was that I had not got the events in the exact right order that pissed her off, rather the way I wrote it:

She, on the other hand, celebrated the event [that she moved to Norway] by dumping him for another guy she met.

To my knowledge, that’s exactly what happened. Girl dates boy, girl meets new boy. And since it’s what happened, I see no wrong in writing it. Now she’s probably pissed again. My, oh, my.

And speaking of women. This weekend Norway’s national final of Miss World - naturally called Miss Norway - is held. For me, being a single, sexually frustrated and romantically challenged man, this is a great event, and one of the few must-sees on the idiot box these days. I saw through the pictures of the girls, and I’m a little disappointed - out of 14 girls, only two three made me go “YAY!” And for your viewing pleasure, I post those pictures here. Bikini pictures are always a winner, you know.

Miss Norway 2003
Miss Norway 2003
Miss Norway 2003


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