My Date With Drew

My Date With Drew movie poster All right, so two reviews in one day is probably overkill, but I just felt I had to write this in case you were about to go out and rent this movie or maybe even buy it. The world needs to be warned. During this review I also take the liberty to spoil actually seeing the movie for you by telling you how it all ends. This is to save you the trouble of seeing it.

My Date With Drew is about Brian Herzlinger and his efforts to meet Drew Barrymore. Brian has just won $1100 dollars on a game show where the final answer that earned him the money was, you guessed it, “Drew Barrymore”. He’s got a life-long crush on Drew and sees all this as a sign that he should try to get a date with her. He is somewhat realistic about it, though, and realizes that it’s not very likely that he will ever end up in a serious relationship with Drew anyway. Brian gives himself 30 days to get a Date With Drew and with a little help from his friends, he sets out on his quest.

The movie fails to surprise anyone. It never really grabs your attention, and when you finally think it’s over - when the 30 days have gone by - you realize you have to sit through another 57 days before it’s all over.

Kudus to Brian for his efforts, he really tries hard to make an entertaining movie. It’s just too bad he fails miserably.

My Date With Drew is a waste of time. Also, it could be that it’s a waste of Brian’s time, too, as Gine, who has a better gaydar than me, suggested that certain aspects of the movie pointed towards the possibility that Brian might be playing for the other team. This is also something Drew points out during the date; “Look at us, we’re like women sitting here”…

As with most critics, the phrase “if you think the movie is so bad, let’s see you make a better one yourself” has not effect on me. I’m not supposed to know how to actually make a good movie, I’m just telling you what I think of movies that someone worked their ass off to create.


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