Planned to exercise today, that never happened. Planned to take a self portrait today (WTF!?), that never happened, either. Didn’t have much planned for today, to put it that way.

Yesterday I met Camilla for the first time since March. As a part of her education, she’s working in an institution for the deaf and blind for a week. Oh, sorry, forgot to be politically correct there for a moment, I mean an institution for the hearing and visually impaired. Anyway, she is working a few miles out of Oslo, but yesterday she took the train to the big city to visit old friends, including me. Camilla hasn’t changed much, if anything at all, since I last saw her, she’s still the same very nice girl. She had become a tad more conservative in the way she dresses, though.

I think that’s basically everything that have been going on for the last two days that’s worth mentioning. I did have a minor emotional roller coaster ride while accidently thinking about the ex-girlfriend last night, but thankfully it went over pretty fast. I think it did because I have other people on my mind right now, and I’ve not been in real touch with her since the breakup. Probably a very good idea.

No, thanks, I don’t plan to go on this ride again, even though it’s a free one. The bumper cars seem like much more fun!