My Kingdom For A New Left Foot

Could you please tell me where the guy who said that “exercise is good for you” live? I’d like to open up a large can of whoop ass and give it to him.

Yesterday I wrote that I didn’t exercise as planned. That’s not true, because I went jogging just after I posted the entry. I kept a nice pace for most of the run, and everything went all right until I was about five minutes from getting back home. Running across a field with little lighting, I managed to place about half of my left foot in a pothole, the rest of the foot on the edge of the same pothole.

Result: Lots and lots of pain, I dragged myself home on my elbows and spent the rest of the evening with an ice bag on my foot. Today I’m unable to walk, and I guess I’ll spend Friday and the weekend in the apartment. Yay…

By Vegard Vines Skjefstad

3 replies on “My Kingdom For A New Left Foot”

Klas – Where do I find these chicks who think that gimps are sexy?

.soulescape – not sure what’s happening on monday that you don’t want to do, but I’m pretty damn sure you don’t want to mess up your leg like this.

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