Young adult female holding a mobile phone.
I’m about to put my life back in boxes - again. It’s just 5 months since the last time I had all my stuff in boxes and was moving them from city to city in my quest for a place to live. But this time I’m not moving the boxes very far, I’m just putting them in a closet. Just cleaning up in the cupboards and on the shelves to make everything ready for the girl who’s renting my room while I’m away.

And now over to the question that’s probably on everyone’s lips: Who the hell is that girl? To be honest, I have no idea. Her picture was used as an illistration photo in an article about a German telecommuntications company raising their SMS fees. So she had nothing to do with the actual article and I really don’t care about the Germans and their telecom companies (since I use a Norwegian providor), but she was just so damn pretty. I think I stared at the picture for three minutes or something.

I know someone who shouldn’t read this.

[Listening to: NRK Petre.]