When you’re reading this I’m officially no longer a student at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. My paper has been handed in, my desk has been cleaned, my student key card has been deactivated and I’ll most likely never set my foot at the university ever again. When you’re reading this, I’m officially nothing, really. I’m not a student, I’m not out of work, but I don’t really have any job yet either, just an oral agreement. I’m hoping that they’ll call me tomorrow to discuss the salary, signing of employment contracts and other practical things.

I think I’m moving to Oslo on Friday. The apartment has no Internet connetion and no phone installed, so my last hope is that someone has got a wireless access point somewhere close that I can connect through. Of course, I’ll (hopefully) survive even without an Internet connection, but it’ll mean that you’ll probably have to kiss daily updates on this site good bye. I might find time to update from work, I don’t know. We’ll see.

I got a postcard from Camilla today, sent a week ago from Portugal. Nice.