Here’s my short review of A History of Violence, which I saw with Hallvard yesterday (in the words of the late, ingenious comedian Bill Hicks):

Piece of shit.

Very much like his review of Basic Instinct. In spite of his views on the movie, Bill saw Basic Instinct eight or so times, something I won’t do with this piece of shit movie. In total there is about two minutes of entertainment in A History of Violence, so instead of spending a couple of bucks to rent it from Blockbuster, have one of your BitTorrent pirate friends download a copy of the movie from the internet, burn it on a DVD and use the disc as a Frisbee. That’ll be much more fun than watching it.

I’m keeping a list of new music I hear and from time to time I go through the list and try to hunt down more music from the artists to hear if they’ve got anything worth buying. A couple of days ago I went through parts of the list and ended up buying a few albums by The Format and Vertical Horizon. Both bands are playing rather easy listening guitar popish music, very catchy stuff. I was already familiar with Vertical Horizon, but I didn’t have any of their albums. I’m always open for musical recommendations, so feel free to drop a comment or two.

While we’re on the subject of music, I’d like to recommend’s Smooth Jazz channel. I’ve been listening to it at work for a while now and it’s excellent for background music. It can, however, be a bit weird listening to something that sounds like a pr0n movie soundtrack for 8+ hours straight, but you’ll get used to it.

It’s about time to go bed now, I have to be fit for fight (work) tomorrow. Yay for my life!