No update for you yesterday, I was a little busy with other things, like the university, meeting with Stine and other Real LifeTM related things. Meeting Stine went well, considering the circumstances. Looks like she’s been reading my site, and one of the posts made her a little upset. During our discussion about it, she asked me why I was writing all these rather personal things on the web, making them available for the whole world to see.

That’s a question I’ve been asking myself a few times, too. And the answer is that I really don’t know why I’m doing it. Maybe I just need to get things out of my system, to clean my brain before I go to sleep. I don’t know. It cheaper than a shrink, that’s for sure. Half year on one of their couches would probably set me back a little more than the $20 I paid for half a year of hosting. And I get to entertain a whole bunch of people I don’t know.

Today I got myself one of those badges you have to have in your wallet if you want your organs to be given to someone else if a train hits you. You should also sign up for organ donation - it’s not like you need any of it when you’re dead, you know.

And here’s a little something for you. It’s called The Boondocks and it’s funny.

The Boondocks