Damn. I’ve got a lot of stuff going on in my head now. The project is taking a lot of thoughtwidth, and we’re playing a basketball match tomorrow. Playing matches are usually a lot of fun, but the team is not very organized yet and we look like a pack of scared chickens when we run around on the field. And none of us has paid the playing license yet, which could result in the club getting a massive fine. It’s really not me responsibility since I haven’t heard dick about how the paying of the license is organized this year, but a fine is still a bad thing (ok, .so I’ve heard some, but I read the e-mail today - which is a little late). And we’re probably going to lose the game to a team that’s not very good, at least they weren’t last year. Whish us luck. Tons of it.

So, to blow off a little steam, I’m really looking forward to some partying tomorrow night. Kine got a year older yesterday and we’re all gathering at her place to celebrate it tomorrow. The party is almost the one year anniversary of me and Stine’s first mouth-to-mouth encounter, which was Kine’s birthday party last year. The exact date falls on a Sunday this year. Not planning to make anything of it.

All this things in my head kind of kills the creativity I need to write good posts here, that’s the main reason why I haven’t posted anything in a few days. Because of the lack of updates, you’ve also missed out on a few good Stuart Carlson strips, I’ll have them uploaded and online some time during the weekend.


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