You’ve all probably read the Noise entry and now you’re wondering how I did in the search for a new amplifier. OK, so you’re not, but I’ll still tell you about it.

Me and Anniken took the old amplifier down to Hi-Fi Klubben, where I bought it. Taking the amplifier with us was a last minute thing, I knew it was at least two years old and figured that the repairs would not covered by the store when the amplifier was that old. But I’m very happy we did take it with us, because it turned out that the store is required by law to cover repairs for five years, not two, like I thought.

The very helpful staff in the store confirmed that they also heard the static noise in the right front speaker, concluded that repairing the amplifier would be more expensive than to actually give me a brand new one. So they picked up a Denon AVR-1611 from their storage room and simple gave it to me, no charge.

On top of this I got an additional five years the store-have-to-pay-for-repairs on the new Denon. That was probably the most surprising thing about it all and if this continues I’ll never have to buy a new amplifier ever again. I just have to hope they all go tits up every four years.