New People

Yesterday we were able to let two of the three vacant rooms. We could’ve made all three, but we promised someone that she could come and have a look at the last room on Monday and we’re nice enough to keep our promises. Our new tenants are a 25 (?) year old art director and a 21 year old student. Both seemed like nice people - which I guess is natural, or we wouldn’t have offered them the rooms. Anyway, even if it’s a bit hard to get to know people by talking to them for ten minutes it looks promising.

I bought HARD-Fi’s album “Stars of CCTV” today and I think I’ll be bold enough to declare it Album of the Year 20061, even if it’s only April yet. The album is ex-cel-lent. It’s not much more to say about it, actually, you should just run down to your local CD-pusher and buy the album.

  1. That the album was released in July 2005 is not important, I didn’t hear the fabulous track “Cash Machine” until February 2006, so in my personal sphere the album was released in 2006. It’s not reality that’s important, but how you perceive things. ↩︎


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