New Pete Yorn album today

Here I am again. About an hour after my usual schedule, but hey, it’s Easter vacation, after all.

It looks like my cellular has been behaving strange for a few days, not just yesterday. I got an SMS this morning from someone who had just received a couple of messages I sent out on Saturday and Sunday night. It took two days to get from phone A to B. That’s what I would call sub-optimal. A funny word, indeed. Sub-optimal… Sub optimal? Suboptimal? I don’t even know if it’s a real word, but I’ve heard a guy in a suit say it. But it might be that he created words as he talked, just to impress us. Powerfork. See, I can do it, too!

Pete Yorn is releasing his new album, Day I Forgot, on this very day. If it’s as good as his previous release, musicforthemorningafter, this is going to be a good week when it comes to music. But I’m not making the same mistake I did when I bought Linkin Park’s crappy Meteora. This time I’m listening to the album before I buy it.

I read fifty or so pages in American Gods yesterday, but had to take a break after a chapter with a little bit too much Ifrit gay sex for my taste. To be honest, just a little bit of Ifrit gay sex is too much for my taste. I think good ol’ Neil Gaiman has some serious, unsolved issues. Sigmund Freud sure would have had a field day or two.


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