New portable music player for me?

The word on the street is that Apple finally will release their iPod Mini in Europe on the 24th of July. Size matters to me, I’m always having the player in my left trouser pocket, and it’s a bit limited what I can cram in there. Not long ago I bought a Jens Of Sweden (site is useless without Flash) MP110 player, which I’m very happy with, but i wouldn’t mind getting an iPod Mini instead. I’ve not been able to have a look at one on real life, but according to the specifications on the Apple website it should fit nicely in my pocket.

Is the iPod Mini a death sentence for all those tiny RAM-based music players? I don’t know, my Jens Of Sweden player is considerably smaller than Apple’s little wonder, but it’s only got 256 megabytes of storage, as opposed to the 4 gigabytes in the Mini. In Jens’ favour it has a built in FM radio, but I really don’t use it that much, so I probably won’t miss it.

I think I see an iPod Mini in my left trouser pocket in the not-so-distant future.

Stine is coming to visit today, and she’s staying for about a week. This will probably not interfere with my posting, since I’ve developed a habit of posting in the morning instead of during my usual posting hours. Considering the number of comments lately, I guess you’re all having summer vacation anyway. Enjoy the sun people, soon it’s freezing cold again. Unless you’re living some place else that me.

And now a short Google tip: It’s not just a search engine, you can also use it for number conversion. For instance, when I wanted to know the size of the iPod Mini, I had some troubles, because I don’t know exactly how long an inch is. To convert the player’s height to centimetres, I simply typed “3.6 inches” in the Google search box. It’s 9.14 centimetres. Thank you, Google.

By now you know where pictures like this come from. If not, check out some of the previous entries in the same category.

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  1. Just keep the posts coming. And the pictures :)
    I need something to read at work when my brain start its escape attempts through my ears. The reason for theese escape attempts is me trying to understand old code.

    PS. update the cast section ;)

  2. couldn’t get the google conversion to work. but I found out that 16.5 cm is 6.5 inches anyway. :-p

    I second Roar’s comment about updating the cast

  3. seems more of a bang for the buck if you buy the 10gig version or the 15 gig. they still look cool and work the same way but who really needs to haul around 3 days of music with them? really now? I’m being listening to the same track since monday and I’m still alive.

    Feeling Good 2:53 Nina Simone 128 kbps 44.100 kHz Blue For You Funk/Soul 313 7/7/2004 7:12 PM

  4. Well, they don’t mention me personally, but they link to the company web site, which is very good indeed.

    The HTML tags were removed when I started the process of moving the site to XML, I didn’t want any input that could break it. Links will hopefully be converted to HTML in the not-so-distant future.