NEX, WAP and other nice words is now open for business. If you’ve got WAP-enabled phone, hurry up and point it to for continuos updates where ever you are. Need to check out the latest information when you’re taking a dump? Not a problem anymore. Woho!

A new review was added to the ever-growing Consumer section today. The Frontier Labs NEX II Digital Audio MP3/WMA Player was tested and it did quite good. Read the review here.

Let’s see… Other things I should mention? My Dell Inspiron is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, but of various reasons I seriously doubt it will. But that’s a long story that I will if Dell fucks up (again) tomorrow. We’ll see.

I’m off to remove a mountain of dishes now. Whish me luck!


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It looks like you're using Google's Chrome browser, which records everything you do on the internet. Personally identifiable and sensitive information about you is then sold to the highest bidder, making you a part of surveillance capitalism.

The Contra Chrome comic explains why this is bad, and why you should use another browser.