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Rain, wind and flying leafs blocking your vision. Three signs that the autumn is here again. At least it’s still hot outside, not summer-hot of course, but it’s not unpleasant to ride my bike back and forth to work yet.

Today I called my new ISP to ask if I would ever get the static IP information. They told me that my router should get the information through DHCP, which is a bit strange since the Linksys WRT54GL never got any information when it was plugged in. The old 3COM router, on the other hand, worked. When I told the guy I talked to about this, something mysteriously happened with the call, it was impossible to hear what the guy said.

I hung up and called back up, was number three in line. When I finally got through I asked the same questions, but was transferred to “technical support”. I thought I had called technical support already. After some more waiting, it turned out I had been transferred to their billing department. Then they transferred me again, but after yet another few minutes of waiting in line, I gave up getting an answer.

I find the whole experience a little bit weird. Perhaps the Linksys router will get the information by DHCP with dd-wrt installed. We’ll see.


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