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Rain, wind and flying leafs blocking your vision. Three signs that the autumn is here again. At least it’s still hot outside, not summer-hot of course, but it’s not unpleasant to ride my bike back and forth to work yet.

Today I called my new ISP to ask if I would ever get the static IP information. They told me that my router should get the information through DHCP, which is a bit strange since the Linksys WRT54GL never got any information when it was plugged in. The old 3COM router, on the other hand, worked. When I told the guy I talked to about this, something mysteriously happened with the call, it was impossible to hear what the guy said.

I hung up and called back up, was number three in line. When I finally got through I asked the same questions, but was transferred to “technical support”. I thought I had called technical support already. After some more waiting, it turned out I had been transferred to their billing department. Then they transferred me again, but after yet another few minutes of waiting in line, I gave up getting an answer.

I find the whole experience a little bit weird. Perhaps the Linksys router will get the information by DHCP with dd-wrt installed. We’ll see.

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    i find it rather amusing that the google ads in the sidebar displays these ads.
    hope the network issue work out though.

  2. As always, you keep improving your site design each time. Definitely like this one better than the brighter one, although it’s hard to put the finger on exactly what it is..