No, I didn’t stare at your... *smack*

There is a grocery store not far from my apartment where I usually do my daily shopping. A while a go they hired a new rather good looking till chick. Today I went to that store to get some pizza and fluid. While she was getting the change from the registry, I tried to figure out the name on her name-tag. Unfortunately, I don’t have 20/20 vision and reading the name required some staring and squinting. Also, she had placed her name-tag were people with name-tags usually place them: In the chest-area.

So, while I’m the middle of my squinting business, she looks up at me and asks if I have a quarter. And I guess she thought I was staring at her boobs. Which are some mighty fine boobs, by the way. Or maybe it’s called breasts these days.

Ever been there?


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