The apartment is starting to look like an apartment now. On Tuesday I got a replacement box for my messed up Amitech Media Center Box (more on that in later entries), on Friday I got my couch and living room table (four weeks before the scheduled date, which came as quite a shock) and on Saturday I even managed to buy a brand new TV. Not top of the pops, but at least it’s a new TV, the old one was out of the Media Center League.

On Saturday I went to a party at Ole’s place. Tons and tons of people I’ve never seen before, which is interesting. Finding myself in a setting like that I realized that I’ve certainly changed over the years. Just five or so years ago, I was your average wall flower. If you placed me in a room full of people I didn’t known and I probably wouldn’t say a word during the entire stay. Now it’s not really a problem, I easily chit chat with total strangers - even when sober! Of course, it depends on my mood that day, but I guess it’s like that for all people.

The reason for this new found glory is probably my internet dating career. During that period I became the undisputed master of small talk, and it taught me the great art of being able to balance the amount of listening time and talking time during a conversation. But, again, it of course depends on the mood.

On Sunday me and Gine took a walk around Sognsvann together with the bulk of Oslo’s population and on our way back I took this picture from the subway. It was extremely hard to hold the camera steady, but this picture turned out OK. It’s blurry of course, but that just adds to the mood of the whole thing. As usual, it’s straight from the memory card without any photoshopping. I also had a few picture of butterflies and water, but none of them made it through my online filter. Though luck.