No Offer Good Enough

Some of you probably want to know what happened to my apartment offer. As you know I planned to place my bid on Monday, but because the owner was having an open house on both Monday and yesterday, he did not open for offers until today.

I started the show with a good offer, but in the end I was beaten by someone with more money to spare and a hefty taste for the apartment. For some reason I’m not disappointed, which is a bit strange, but I think it’s because of the surreal setting: I’m really not used to almost spending that kind of money, and money that doesn’t even belong to me, but the bank.

Anyway, I’m planning to have a look at more apartments later this week so in the end it’ll work out all right. As you all know; everything is always OK in the end, if it’s not OK it’s not the end.


I grew tired of the bot-generated SPAM that began to surface a couple of weeks ago. The requests came from a large IP range, which meant that blocking based on IP ranges was not an option. This lead me to implement a CAPTCHA scheme. It makes it a bit of a hassle to post comments, but is almost bullet proof protection from SPAM bots.

Let me know if you run into any trouble when posting comments.


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