One of the 100 things I’ve decided to do before I die, is to write a movie script. Actually, I once started on two movie scripts, one Sci-Fi-fantasy thing inspired by the world of Shadowrun, an RPG I used to play for hours and hours when I was younger. The script was extremely detailed, I even started to cast the movie, even though I had only written a couple of scenes.

The other one was a comedy, I didn’t write much on that one either, but I had a lot of fun doing it and I still have some good ideas. I really don’t know anything about writing movie scripts, so I guess I should download a few and have a look at how it’s done.

Yesterday I tried to dig up these two scripts from some backup CDs I had laying around. And I was able to find both, surprisingly enough. Another thing I found, was some of the music I’ve made over the years. Yes, yours truly has actually been a wannabe musician. I even made a decent song with lyrics, some guy from Australia is singing on it; not the best singer I’ve heard, but someone is actually singing on a song I made. Cool. Listening to everything again was fucking awesome. To be honest, some of it is OK, considering that I’ve never learned any music theory or taken any classes. At least I laughed for an hour straight while listen. An alternate career for me? Who knows.

Kudos to Roar who had some of the really old stuff I’d lost on his hard drive.

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  1. writing a song that someone else is actually singing is pretty cool. why don’t you add that to you list of things to do? If it’s not a part of the list already that is.


  2. yeah yeah… but after a while this list will no longer be a to-do list, but a see-all-the-cool-things-I-have-done.
    And I think getting some stranger to sing the stuff you have written is pretty damn cool. thats all.

  3. Yeah, Camilla, long time, no see. But soon!

    Writing a song and then have someone famous sing it can be covered by #8. Release an album. I had to use RealPlayer on the Paul Rodgers site, and that’s a piece of software I won’t touch with a ten-foot pole.

  4. If you really wanna give script writing another go (but stay away from the Shadowrun-story. Mine! Mine! My preeeeeccciiouuuussss. (And Spielberg, if you are reading this: Making the Tranformers movie has been my ultimate goal for years, but now my dream is squashed like bug on a sidewalk. Dont fuck it up.)) you should check out a book called “Story” by Robert McKee. Its great for pointing out all the important stuff you probably know but easily forget when writing yourself.

    ps: Sorry bout the robot-rambling, people, but it had to be said sooner or later.