Yesterday wasn’t as busy as I’d feared, we left work at about six, then went out for dinner, drank some beers and played a little pool. After I got home, I continued to drink and had a long chat with Karine about everything from immigration policy to her sister. The chat was a good idea, the drinking was not. I only had a small glass of liqueur, but together with the beer, it wasn’t a happy Vegard who woke up at seven this morning.

You might remember me talking about my Nokia 6230 phone and the MMC memory card I bought for it. You might also remember my rant about camera phones and how much I didn’t need one. I still think that I really don’t need a camera phone, but I’ve found some use for it. I can take pictures of things to remember what the hell I did, say, six months ago. For me, three things tend to bring back memories: Music, scents and pictures. When I look at the few pictures I’ve taken with the cam phone so far, I usually get a real memory boost.

Let’s say that I take an average of two pictures each day. With the current memory card, I can take over 6600 pictures. If we say that there are 365 days in each year, I can save over nine years of my life on the phone! Maybe not everything is worth saving, but I can still do it. And I think it sounds like a good idea. I probably think this because none of the pictures I’ve taken so far bring back any bad memories.

I also need to rewrite my Mobog service so I can post entries and pictures directly from my phone. Maybe tonight, eh? Or maybe not. Since I’m still at work and all.