Nothing in Particular

July has seen quite a lot of entries. Even though the month is usually quite slow when it comes to visitors - after all, it’s summer - I’m trying to keep up the pace. Today I’ve got nothing in particular to write about, so here’s a collection of random gibberish.

This week Circus Formula 1 is visiting Germany and racing on Nürburgring. The race in UK two weeks ago was sort of boring, and I’m hoping for more action this time. Nürburgring is a very special track, many different races are held there, for instance the 24 Hours Nürnbergring, which is a fascinating event. Parts of the track, Nordschleife, can be used by the public on Sundays during summer, so if you have a fast car - or even a slow one - that you want to test, Nürburgring might be the place for you.

In other news, Dick Cheney is filling in for George as President of the US of A on Saturday. If you’re an American citizen, don’t be too surprised if you’re at war with Iran on Sunday.

Here’s a video of of 1,500 inmates in a Philippine prison performing “Thriller” by Michael Jackson. You see something new every day.


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