Nothing New

new in my life:

Nada, zip, nuthin’… I might just write some real personal things here, but considering the fact that people I know might read it, I think I won’t anyway. I will only write things like “it’s now only 5 days left to my first end term exam - and I’m NOT looking forward to it. God damn it!” or “I went hiking this Easter - it was cool.” Quite interesting, or what?

new on my web:

New design, new domain, but no new contents - working on that. Please give me some feedback on the new layout. I’m now hosted with Your-Site. $60 a year for 50 megs, 6 gigs/month, 5 pops, CGI, SSI & ASP. A good deal, I think!


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It looks like you're using Google's Chrome browser, which records everything you do on the internet. Personally identifiable and sensitive information about you is then sold to the highest bidder, making you a part of surveillance capitalism.

The Contra Chrome comic explains why this is bad, and why you should use another browser.