Number Ten

Hi, everybody.

Hi, Doctor Nick.

I’m back, better than ever and ready to once again give you your daily fix. Early morning updates like this will probably not become a habit, but I’ll try to cram in an update every (other) day.

This weekend I went to David’s birthday party in Porsgrunn, which was a good one. He’s just bought himself a new apartment, and me, Hallvard and Terje crashed on his living room floor. The morning after the party, he showed us Battlefield 2 and now I’m totally hooked. I’ve downloaded the demo, but unfortunately, I’ve not had the time to play for more than about an hour or so. Still I’ll probably buy the full game this weekend and burn a couple of hours in front of the other idiot screen.

I miss Rome. Well, not Rome per se, rather our hotel room, with the Pitch Black (TM) window blinds and the excellent air condition keeping the temperature at a perfect twenty three centigrade. I slept like a baby in Rome, at home I don’t. The road outside my window, the damn sun and the changing temperature results in not-that-high-quality sleep. If I ever get myself an apartment, I’ll go to great lengths to make the room sunlight proof, soundproof and install an air conditioning system. Even if it a power hog.

In other news I should probably mention that I’m back on the dating wagon, but this time I don’t think it will result in any entries like when I was dating TC. Good for me, too bad for you guys. I guess the whole mess had some sort of entertainment value. The new girl has found this site, I should try to hide it better. Hopefully it won’t come back and bite me in the ass, but it makes me feel a bit uneasy. I’ve been maintaining the site for over three years now, who knows what I’ve been writing? I probably should, but I don’t.

Oh, well - so far, so good, I don’t think she’s found anything too incriminating. Great girl. And an excellent kisser. If I may say so. And I may.


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