Off I Go Again v2.0.

I’m on the move again, this time a day trip to Stockholm, Sweden. It’s a meeting that I’m pretty sure could have been held with a phone conference, but instead most of the day will now be used do traveling.

The trip through the security checkpoint gets more complicated every time. Now I have to take my laptop out of my bag, put everything liquid or remotely liquid in a tiny plastic bag, take off my jacket, belt and shoes. Do you see where this is heading? I predict that im about five years time we all have to strip naked and be prerented with The Glove.

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  1. Why not use this opportunity to play a practical joke on these hardworking security people? Strap on a few dozen cans of coke or something, and declare that “you have liquid, and you are not afraid to use it”! I’m sure they will display a sense of humor and bump you up to first class. (or a padded cell)