While I’m waiting for Espen to let me use Olga again, I’m writing this. Olga is one of the servers in our data centre. In case you wondered.

Wedding Crashers wasn’t that good. Actually, I’m not sure if it was even worth the money. Going to the movies is rather expensive these days, and because of that some movies just fall short compared to the money you have to pay to see them. Wedding Crashers is one of those movies. Sure, it was funny at times, but not funny-funny. Go see The Island instead. I guess you can’t catch it on the big screen anymore, go rent it instead. Excellent movie, exactly my style.

So, how are things? Same old, same old - but with some exceptions. Tonight I’m going for a eleven hour session at work, I’m trying to finish something so that I can have a normal eight hour day tomorrow, which is a good thing. We’ve just employed a new guy, seems like a smart fella and hopefully he’ll be able to take some of the load off me and Espen. In other words: Business as usual at work.

In my social life, however - to the extent that I have one - you find the exception. Strange things are happening: The Girl is starting to have a very positive effect on me.

Espen is done with Olga. Now it’s my turn to play with the old lady.