I knew it. Buying Half-Life 2 was a bad idea. A very bad idea, indeed. Yesterday I did not end up by squeezing a little game play in between work, instead I desperately tried to squeeze a few minutes of work in between all the game play. Ah, what the hell, after all it was Sunday.

Today I’ve managed to keep my hands off Half-Life 2. After I got home from work at around eight I read some of Lonely Planet’s guide to Rome. I don’t think me and Hans Olav will have a hard time finding stuff to do. The great thing about the Lonely Planet books are that they give you all the practical information you need, like how to get from the airport (turns out it’s a bit of a hassle to get to Rome from the airport we land at) and where to buy a one-day ticket for public transportation. The book says Rome’s subway system is a mess. We’ll see how bad it is.

In other news, my all time favourite artist, Matthew Good released some new material today, a single titled “Oh Be Joyful”. It’s nothing revolutionary, it’s Mr. Good like we know him. After a few plays, I rate the song as so-so, it’s not “Weapon” (I doubt that any song will ever be), but it’s not crap either (I doubt that Matthew Good will ever release anything that can be described as “crap”). The guy is a bit eccentric, though, have a look at the Oh Be Joyful video and you’ll understand what I mean.