Looks like very few things are going my way today. I’ve been hanging on the Active ISP Check Your Domain service for a couple of days now, ghosting www.vegard.com, hoping that the guy owning the domain would forget to pay his bill as it expired on the 13th of November. But, no. The bill has been paid and the domain expires on the 13th of November next year instead. I’ll try again then. Next domain out is www.vegard.org, which expires March 23 2003. Whish me the best of luck.

I tried to fix the strange I-won’t-save-your-info-cookie-error in the talkback, but I have no idea what causes it because the error comes and goes. Maybe it’s my browser. If you have the same problem, let me know. If you don’t have the problem, I see no reason why you shouldn’t leave a nice message for me in the talkback. What do you mean “begging”?