Oh, I’m such an asshole...

Some people go out partying on a Saturday night - I don’t. At least not tonight. But hang on, I’ve got a beer in the fridge. Maybe I’ll just pop that one…? Yeah, I think I’ll do just that. Hang on a sec… [22:26]

[22:27] Thankfully, the fridge is just 10 paces away… Aaahh… Carlsberg, probably the best beer in the world. And since I’m not allowed to advertise for alcoholic beverages in Norway and my site is on a Norwegian server, I’ll probably be tossed in jail for saying that.

Anyways… As I previously stated, I stayed inside tonight, but that doesn’t mean that I just sat in a chair, staring at the wall. No, no, no… I used the time to learn some more PHP (did I hear someone say “geek”) and with the tiny piece of knowledge I was managed to squeeze into my already, oh, so full brain, I was able to make to locations box you see on your right-hand side.

The purpose of this box should be quite clear for those of you who know my whereabouts the next three months, for the rest of you; refer to the updated FAQ.

If you need some serious party-music to jump around to, then you can tune in here (128 Kbps) or here (56 Kbps). This stream is not listed in the streams section because I usually don’t listen to this kind of music, but it’s nice for saturday night parties. Whohoo! Maybe I’ll add it some day.

Ah, that’s about it for this update. But you might notice more updates popping up throughout the night, Central European Time.


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